The Factors Influence Safety Assurance Level among Child Care Centres in Perak

Yaty Sulaiman and Nurul Ain Md Basri

It is essential to value parent perceptions concerning child care centres safety assurance level since there are numerous child care centres has been evolved at the moment. This paper reviews the most current literature on parents' perceptions regarding child care centres safety. The literature reviewed in this paper recommends caregiver expertise and attitude; physical facilities, environment and food safety are amongst the topmost commonly expressed characteristics that parents believe as crucial in favor of understanding and assessing child care centres safety assurance level. Along with the rising concern for the safety of children, this research is intended to distinguish factors that influence safety practices for injury prevention amongst children in authorized day-care centers in Malaysia. A random sampling technique was used to select respondents from the registered childcare centers in Perak, Malaysia. There were total of 380 questionnaires distributed and only 356 managed to be gathered on time to be analyzed. The study used SPSS 22.0 to analyze the data. Pearson’s Correlation and Multiple Regression Analysis were conducted to analyses the data. The findings support that safety assurance level have positive and significant relationship with caregiver, physical assurance, environment and food safety.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 582-590