Usefullness of Role-Playing in Teaching Behavioral Subject

Hooi Sin Soo, Azelin Aziz, Hanissah A. Razak and Nazlina Zakaria

Role-playing is an active learning approach that provides a unique opportunity to the students to assume certain roles and solve the real life problems which have been replicated in the classrooms. It encourages passive learners to participate, enhances interaction and communication and adds dynamism to the classroom. This study aims at identifying the usefulness of role-playing to promote active engagement and interaction by the students, also learner’s soft skills development. Selected case studies were used as background simulation for the role-playing. Quantitative and qualitative data showed that students were enjoyed with role-playing activity, agreed that role-playing helped to improve confidence, critical thinking, and speaking skills. Besides that, students were able to work collaboratively with others, and thus enhance classroom interaction and communication. This study suggests the use of role-playing in teaching behavioral studies, especially organizational behavior, marketing and sales, human resource, and psychological studies.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 578-581