The Factors Influence Quality Assurance Level among Childcare Employees in Selangor

Yaty Sulaiman and Ng Kel Lie

The role of caregiver or childcare employee is important to deliver excellent quality childcare in developing future leader. In order to develop future generation, childcare centres should enhance and stimulate the practice of quality assurance among employees. The purpose of this study is to investigate factors that influence quality assurance among childcare employees in Selangor. Precisely, the objectives of the study is to determine, identify and examine the relationship between factors (physical facilities, employee commitment, communication, and employee competencies) and quality assurance. A random sampling technique was used to select respondents from the registered childcare centers in Selangor, Malaysia. The study used quantitative approach through structured questionnaires developed from previous research. A total of 450 survey questionnaires were distributed, only 379 questionnaires were usable for analysis. The study used SPSS 22.0 to analyze the data. Methodologies such as Pearson Correlation and Multiple Regression Analysis were conducted in analyzing the data. Overall, the findings revealed that quality assurance had positive relationship and significant with physical facilities, employee commitment, communication and employee competencies. This study concluded with discussions, limitation and suggestions for future research.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 564-577