Are the Leaders Ready to Embrace Industry 4.0?

Nazlina Zakaria, Aemin Nasir and Adnan Akhtar

The fourth industrial revolution is the fusion of multiple technologies, the researchers, practitioners, experts, economists and academicians are focusing to understand and develop the layouts, and trying to generate new business models, identifying the principles, and strategies to measure the potential of this technological revolution. For the sake of survival in 4IR, organizations have to realize and detect the ways and develop new plans and approaches to be in the list of proactive businesses. Who will lead in the open source era where the people are more connected and empowered than ever before? The traditional models of leadership, practices, and characteristics are becoming obsolete. We need to see the new leadership structure and characteristics of leaders. This paper is highlighting some recent approaches of leadership 4.0 which needs to be considered for reshaping today’s leaders in this open source era of technology. This paper is underlining a viewpoint about leadership approach and leader’s characteristics for leading 4IR. Leaders should lead the organization cross functional and restore the actions which builds initiatives towards the digitization .The leader can ensure the positive shift of 4IR through vanishing the postdated characteristics of leadership. The knowledge oriented leadership aligns the objectives around those strategies, initiatives, investments which supports the organization to cope up with upcoming digital age challenges. The rapid shift to industry 4.0 requires a broader perspective of leadership to adopt the technologies faster to sustain in the digital revolutionary world.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 543-549