An Approach For Predicting Employee Sustainability Using Machine Learning

*Shubhangi Urkude

Today’s world everything is treated as business. Business depends on the employees. Employee support is required to run the business. Employees are considered as the most valuable asset of the organization. In today’s competitive world, customer satisfaction is the key to get success in any business. As a result, serving customer needs is become a priority for many organizations. To fulfill this requirement support is needed from the employee. Hence, to sustain the good employees is a hard task for any organization. This paper is based on the analysis of the attributes related to employee sustainability, due to which many employees are leaving the organization. Some of the attributes are Department, Job Role, Benefits, Challenging Levels, Facilities, Technology Adopted, Year of Joining, Year of Leaving, and Job Satisfaction etc. In this paper, we analyzed the employee data given by the Human Resource (HR) department of International Business Machines (IBM) containing many attributes such as age, department, education, gender, distance from home etc. The analysis is done using R tool to predict the number of employees leaving the organization based on the selected attribute. The result data is visualized in Power business Intelligence (BI) to give better understanding.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 69-77