A Novel Approach for Video Compression Using IWT, Improved ARS-ST and Adaptive Huffman Coding

N. Sardar Basha and A. Rajesh

Video compression is the most demanding feature in many applications like mobile, television and internet. It is well known that the video compression is the technique to reduce the size of the video file without involving any significant changes in its quality. In this project, Integer Discrete Wavelet Transform (IWT) is applied to the I-frame in the video. Zero-memory listless SPECK (ZM-SPECK) algorithm is used for the quantization and encoding of the obtained coefficients. Also it is faster and less memory consuming than the SPECK algorithm. In order to obtain the more accurate motion estimation in P frames, an improved adaptive rood search with spatio-temporal correlation technique (Improved ARS-ST) is adopted. Adaptive Huffman Coding (AHC) which is a high efficiency loss less compression technique is applied on the obtained results. The proposed method is applied out on different videos and PSNR values are calculated in order to obtain the compression efficiency. These efficiency values are compared with all other systems. By using the combination of IWT, ZM-SPECK, Improved ARS-ST and AHC coding, it has been obtained the PSNR of 71.5 and the compression ratio of 8.66. It is an improvement over the all other existing methods.

Volume 11 | 06-Special Issue

Pages: 70-77