Palmprint Authentication Using Fuzzy Vault with Discrete Wavelet Transform

V. Sujitha and Dr.D. Chitra

Biometrics is one of the reliable approaches to measure human individuality with the end goal of authenticating or identifying the character of a core. Bio cryptosystem is a method of template security and this method combines the features of biometric with cryptography. Here, the palm print features are protected using fuzzy vault method. Initially, preprocessing is performed with enrolled image and ROI extracted from that preprocessed image. Discrete wavelet transforms and bottom hat operations are performed to extract the palm line features. During fuzzy encoding, polynomial is evaluated based on key K and vault is created by merging the projected points with randomly created chaff points. In unlocking method, distance is calculated by comparing query feature with stored template. The vault is unlocked when the score should be greater than a predefined value. Here, the CASIA database is used for experimental purpose. An experimental result shows that the present palmprint verification using fuzzy method increases the security and provides the better performance.

Volume 11 | 06-Special Issue

Pages: 62-69