Studies Done on The Impact of Lightweight Documentation in Scrum Methodology When Used in Various Software Industries

*Rakhi Venugopal, Dr. John T Abraham

Lightweight is the term mostly found among the developers working in scrum methodology. Every step in scrum demands to be lightweight. The industries involved in software development prefer to have a productive output than a detailed document of what they have done. This concept is termed as lightweight which means everything is flexible in scrum methodology. The paper focuses on this lightweight concept and would present the impact of this in the industries. The work has tried to know whether the theoretically explained concept of minimum documentation is having the same role when used in industries. It portrays how different companies have accepted the concept and what is the importance of documentation among them while working in scrum methodology. An insight into the activities of four companies gave a better understanding of the importance of the documentation in the success of software development process.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 51-56