Hybrid Fuzzified Fish School Search Based Learning Method For Prakriti Analysis

R. Jaya, C. S. Pillai, R. Jagadeesh Kannan

Clinicians Practising Ayurvedic medicines utilize the patent’s prakriti for diagnosing the illness. But owing to the secretive nature of diagnosis the patient’s records and type of diagnosis best suited by the ayurvedic clinicians are not shared with one another. But owing to the rapid advancements in information and communication technology this diagnosis procedure can be digitized to work as artificial diagnosis system utilizing procedures and medicines of Ayurveda. Therefore, in this paper we present an artificial intelligence based Ayurveda based patient management system which utilizes type-2 fuzzy inference mechanism. Here, patient’s illness records are queried from ontological database to compute the physical constituent of the patient’s body, type of doshas, recommended food and lifestyle; all extracted through clinical texts arranged in form of ontological databases. The outcomes of this study reveal that the presented fit sis apt for the context when put forth in comparison with conventional ones.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 1777-1784