A Secured Framework for Cloud Computing in a Public Cloud Environment

Vasavi Bande, Dr.R.Sridevi

Cloud computing is one of the emerging technologies. One of the widely used service offered by the cloud providers is storage as a service. As private data is migrated to the cloud, security is the focal concern in the cloud computing environment. As a consequence security has become an obstacle to the growth of cloud computing. To address security issues we have to encrypt the data before we send it to the cloud. While storing the encrypted data on the cloud environment and in order to perform operations on encrypted data, the data should be decrypted in a way to perform operations. Hence, to perform operations on plaintext, it may again lead to security issues. In this paper, the main focus is on public key cryptographic algorithms based on homomorphic encryption scheme for preserving security. As the data is huge and it is difficult to afford storage in local servers, user tends to store huge amount of data in encrypted form which would lead to performance issues. To overcome this we need to encrypt only the sensitive data. In this paper, we have proposed an algorithm i.e. sensitive data extraction algorithm to extract sensitive data from the entire data. The Bootstrap protocol is implemented to verify the security of the cloud server before actual sensitive data is deployed on the cloud. The cloud data centers should also have some mechanisms that would specify storage correctness and integrity of data stored on the cloud. Cloud storage auditing is performed to ascertain the integrity of cloud data.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 1755-1762