Fracture Mechanics and Kinetic Energy Impact on Coal under Linear Momentum Condition

Lukman Hakim Nasution , Fahrizal,Henry Nasuton, Muhidin Arifin,Anuar Ahmad

Thecoal fracture process is essentially associated with energy, known as comminution law. However, the comminution process is inseparable from the processes and patterns of fracture undergone by the materials where dimensions and scale fractions of particle sizes have a strong relationship with the impact speed. So the comminution energy for reducing material size is also influenced by how the material experiences fracture that itssize becomes smaller. Building the theoretical concept of the impacted kinetic energy for coal fracture based on the theory of crushing can be done in free experimentalmethod. Free experimental conducted by modeling the configuration of ground wall of semi-circular solid beaker. The concept of physical violation and the development of model configurations for coal fracture process are based on the theory of crushing. Applying the concept and transformation of kinetic energy impacts from Newton's second law and linear momentum can determine the size of fractions and energy distribution on coal. The results of this mathematical model show that, the greater the kinetic value of coal energy the greater the resulting impact will be, and it will cause the size of the fraction of coal to be smaller, and vice versa.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 1749-1754