Pixel-Level Image Fusion Techniques: A Review

Prajakta Suresh Patil, Manna Sheela Rani Chetty

Coalescing different images together for generation of a fused image incorporates more consistent and appropriate information also, it verifies superiority than a distinct input image. This phenomenon is an established domain of image processing. Image fusion is a preprocessing activity in environmental monitoring, satellite agriculture, surveillance, etc. applications. This paper explores a variety of image fusion technologies. The study of pixel-level image fusion along with reference image-based and non-reference image-based quality assessment metrics are utilized for judging the quality of fusion. Eventually, this review paper concludes with the latest trends used in image fusion designed for remote sensing data and vision for future work. The motivation of this work is to provide a platform for the development of advanced exploration of image fusion.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 1708-1727