M.Arutselvan, T.V. Ananthan, Sumathy Eswaran

Vehicular ad-hoc network (VANET) is a collection of high-density vehicles with dynamic in nature and communicates each other with nearby road side units (RSUs). The exchange of safety information plays the key role in different real-time applications, such as alert function of safety travel and lane merging. In the absence of security, a VANET is widespread to anamount of outbreaks such as proliferation of false warning messages and destruction of actual warning messages, thereby causing accidents. This makes security a factor of major concern in such networks. Recently, most researchers concentrate to propose the cluster based key distribution scheme and enhances the malicious vehicles monitoring system. However, these schemes are complex and network may fail due to reducing energy with increased utilization. Henceforth, in this paper we propose a secured key management technique for VANET based on optimal clustering (SKM-OC). The first objective is to propose a modified fish swarm optimization (MFSO) algorithm for cluster formation. The enduring energy and location of the nodes are the primary parameters to select cluster head (CH), which act as sink node to forward data from sender to destination. The second objective is to propose secured key management technique with each node selects own key and one-way hash function. Based on that, we encrypt the data and send to the destination; and the encryption is done by blowfish, which prevents network from different attacks. As the CH receives message, the node will decrypt it using the same key and send the acknowledgement back to the sender. If the node is not reliable, it will remove it is entry from the neighbor CH list. The performance of the proposed SKM-OC technique is compared with existing techniques in terms of end-to-end delay, packet delivery, packet loss and throughput.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 1679-1686