RESTful Web Services Based Communication for Smart Home Smartphone Systems

Khaoula Karimi, Hassan Oudani and Salahddine Krit

A smart home is a home based on the Internet of Things made to enable the control and the remote monitoring of a home’s devices and to allow the user to adapt the system to his desires and needs. This paper presents an approach to implementing a smart home system using the Internet of Things IoT, Web services, and an Android App. The proposed model focuses on 1) an Arduino Uno Wi-Fi platform for interoperability among sensors, actuators and communication protocols, 2) the REST framework making the home appliances accessible and connected, while it also improves data exchange, 3) an Android App providing several functionalities through which the user can control the home devices from anywhere. We present the smart home architecture and its application in a use case. Our goal is to provide a secure, low cost and, effective smart home system which can be controlled easily from anywhere.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 1660-1667