Audio Watermarking Based On Compressive Sensing

Electa Alice Jayarani.A , Mahabaleswara Ram Bhatt , Geetha. D.D

Protecting the multimedia content from getting tampering is the biggest challenge every owner faces in these modern days. The owners regularly practice Cryptography and watermarking to secure their multimedia content. In cryptography, the primary multimedia content will be converted to unidentified form and at the receiver end using the cipher key the primary content can be retrieved. Whereas in watermarking, the signature of the owner is entrenched into the primary multimedia content without changing the identity of the content. In this article, we propose a watermarking algorithm based on Compressive sensing to secure the audio data. Experimental results show that SNR is greater than 23.1 dB and recommended algorithm proves the robustness against resampling, noise addition, and compression.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 1654-1659