A Systematic Review of Cloud Resource Allocation Techniques for achieving Quality of Service

Suruchi Talwani, Dr. JimmySingla

In a cloud environment, cloud providers as well as cloud users play the major roles. Cloud providers have diversity of computing resources in the cloud. Cloudusers buy those computing resourcesbased on apay-per-use criteriaso that profitcan be maximized and highresourceutilization is achieved.The criticalissuerelated to cloud is managing resources done in infrastructural services.Resourcemanagement comes with lots of issues likeits allocation, adaptation, brokering, discovery, mapping, modeling, provisioning and scheduling. Thereview paper has done the study of various resource allocation algorithms adopted by many scholars and researchers. Considering all the different studies, the observation isthatdifferenttechniquesdidnottake into account somechallengingparametersandthere is a need to enhancethe overall performanceofalreadyexistingschemes.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 1637-1647