EFDC-KTM: An Efficient Framework Modeling For Document Clustering Using Keyword Based Text-Mining Approach

*Jalaja G, Kavitha C

Extensive digitization of the process, produces huge data. The stor-age and search of these huge data require robust and efficient framework. The technique of document clustering plays an important role for fast and accurate search from the huge set of textual data. In our previous work namely RKE-CP, a response-based method of extracting the knowledge is being implemented. This paper proposes EFDC-KTM a framework using document clustering technique by adopting keyword-based text mining approach. objective function is to mining the response time.The proposed model validation is achieved with the correlation establishment among the data size of the document along with the process time for the schema conversion of the data that exhibit very promise result.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 23-29