Design of Data Analytics Model for Analyzing Diverse Patterns on Social Networks

*Gnanasambandan P,Poonkuzhali S

Social Network Analysis is an evergreen area for social behavioral study and gives scope for various genres of analysis and trends. The use of data analytics tools gives the added advantage of analyzing variety of data and volumes of data available on social network. The proposed system extracts unstructured content from social media and performs Influence related analysis using Neo4J, Visualization of Social Network, Community evaluation and Analysis of its evolution by Graph Modeling, Friend of Friend Analysis by Ant Colony Optimization. The insight gained can help in analyzing the structure, community patterns, opinion of the communities and various such aspects. Unlike existing tools which provide only visualization but no subjectivity analysis, the proposed system using R, Gephi and Neo4J help inproviding an integrated analysis of content and structure.

Volume 11 | 02-Special Issue

Pages: 11-22