Automatic Toll Collection System Using Arduino

D. Maladhi, G. Mahalakshmi and T. Bhavatharini

Nowadays there is a huge rush in toll plaza for paying the toll tax. Therefore in order to reduce traffic and save time, an automatic toll collector can be used. The aim of the project is to automatically identify the RFID tag in a vehicle and to display the particular amount the user has to pay in order to pass the toll. If the user pays the amount, he can pass the gate else he will be blocked. This project endorses only cash free operation (The user must definitely have an access to credit/debit cards to pass the toll gate).The automation is done using arduino (microcontroller).RFIDreader, ultrasonic sensor, LCD display, motor are used to carry out the rest of the process automatically.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 786-791