Power Quality Enhancement using Soft Computing based IPFC Controller

Dr. G.Radhakrishnan and Dr.S.Rajasekaran

In recent trends power system enhanced with optimization to deliver reliable power to consumer. In this paper, it is discussed about a power flow controller designed for multi-machine of infinite bus system in a power system. The proposed controller is designed to formulate the system as an optimization problem. The proposed power flow controller working with the concept of Interline Power Flow Controller (IPFC), the controlling techniques are optimized using soft computing techniques. The concept of genetic algorithm is employed as the optimization technique to control the electrical parameters. Power flow controller for a multi-machine system is designed using Simulink along with genetic algorithm. The designed system is simulated and measures the real, reactive power and voltages of multi machine system. The results acquired are verified with conventional method to tune controller proposed to identify its efficiency , convergence and reliability for the designed system. This paper elaborates the optimization technique of IPFC controller along with GA to enhance the power transfer within multi-machine power system .

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 770-776