Modelling of Static Frequency Converter with Reduced Harmonics in Gas Turbine Power Plant

Malini.T, Dr.S.Rajasekaran and Dr. G.Radhakrishnan

The harmonics or Parasitic effects caused by static frequency converters, like EMI, may endanger the reliable operation of drives or turbine shaft arrangements and diminish its life time. Converter drive applications for large plants up to 500MVA can cause shaft voltages up to 500 Vpp if a non optimized converter design is chosen. This phenomenon is investigated .Design options for the converter and the plant arrangement are discussed and Static Frequency Converters (SFC ) have been utilized to start gas turbines in gas turbine combined cycle (GTCC) powerplants.SFC consist of power electronics devices like thyristor, which produce higher order harmonics and connect one DC reactor in positive side. Here we reduce harmonics and get more efficiency in SFC by replace the thyristor by IGBT and MOSFET connect another DC reactor in negative side. This correction is made by using MATLAB modeling software.

Volume 11 | 04-Special Issue

Pages: 761-769