Luthfi Nurwandi, Anita Juraida, Riki Ridwan Margana, Arief Rahmana

Activities produce a product begins with activity, designing the products needed by consumers. The design of a product starts with identifying consumers needs, further converted into a prototype of the product. The process of identifying the needs of consumers, to be the prototype of the product is an elaborate stage involves various aspects into consideration, especially in product decisions to be made. On this research will be discussed ways to get, component design criteria that will help designers determine alternative products made. The research focused on modification, motorcycle component known as gears. Consumers have difficulty operating the gears with left hand, because users are generally more use right hand to carry out the activity, so in this study observed the transfer device gears on the part of the foot. The design of the gear emphasised to, the function of the components that are affected by the shape of the component, While the shape of the components affected by the dimensions of the quality as performance, reliability dan serviceability. Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) was used to determine the priority of the function components, having regard to the shape and dimensions of the quality. The largest weighing results used as options for designing, motorcycle gear that fits the needs of consumers. The results showed that the functions affected by the serviceability, that shows that consumers are more in need of the installation and get the components be easily, compared with the ease, convenience, and security of operating devices (performance), as well as the form and strength of materials (reliability).

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 379-384