Enhancing Science and Technology Through Coastal Damage Management Model

I Gede Astra Wesnawa, Putu Indra Christiawan, Ni LuhGedeErniSulindawati, NyomanAyuWulanTrisnaDewi

This research was conducted in North Coastalof Buleleng Regency Bali Province, for two years. The second year, aims to assess: (1) how the refinement of conceptual model of community-based management of coastal damage, and (2) evaluation of the conceptual model of community-based management of coastal damage. Based on population distribution in district that has a beach, then selected three representative Buleleng Regency, there isin West Bulelengis taken samples in Seririt District, in Central Buleleng represented by Buleleng District and in Eastern Bulelengis Kubutambahan District. Three areas were selected purposively with consideration that the beaches in the area most damaged either due by coastal erosion and human intervention in the utilization of resources in the northern coastal areas of Bali. The data collected in this study included primary data and secondary data, collected using a data collection instrument. Data analysis was conducted using qualitative descriptive analysis. The results showed: (1) improvement of the conceptual model of management of shore-based damage society by parameter geology, geomorphology, soil and vegetation, as well as the human component, (2) Evaluation of the management model of damage to the coast can be put in the form of real programs as the flagship program, planned and a strong commitment. The form of the program is improving the welfare of coastal communities, improving the quality of human resources and improvement of science and technology as well as business development and industrial marine fisheries. In relationship with the resources on the coast, coastal communities role was importantin coastal protection efforts for sustainability of economic activities of coastal communities.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 373-378