An Empirical Review on the Role of Images in Advertisements

Balaji Jayakrishnan and R. Aruna

Imaging is emerging as a very important object of analysis in today’s world. Medical, satellite imaging, advertisement images are a few to name. This paper focuses on 30 reviews of articles on imaging and has attempted to identify the variables and the models used in the empirical studies on Imaging. Thirty research papers were collected based on their research work pertaining to impact of imaging in advertisements. The variables, statistical tools, models and methods used by various researchers at different level of their study were collected. From this collection word cloud, frequency table and a bar graphs were prepared. The use of word cloud through helped to quickly identify the most common variables and models. In order to know the actual frequency of each variable and models word frequency counter was used. The frequency table obtained from word counter was then used to get the bar graph to visually present the output. The three tools namely word cloud, frequent distribution (word counter) and bar graph helped in identifying advertisement as the most frequently used variable and ANOVA as the most commonly used model.

Volume 11 | 03-Special Issue

Pages: 1940-1948