Information Hiding Using Steganography in Mobile Healthcare

Apri Junaidi, Muhammad Benny Chaniago, Mohamed Doheir

The growth of mobile devices technology such as smart phones and tablets has led to a growing ubiquitous computing paradigm, in which computing is distributed and available anytime, anywhere and supported by different devices. As recent developments of mobile phones researches, now it can perform variable medical tasks such as health medical records. Internet continuous development affects the way of information and data share making it easier for the patient to access information. In correspondence with Internet development, mobile technology has a strong data delivery of health record information which can be accessed by the patient anytime, anywhere. Information of patient data is something that is highly confidential and private. Thus the use of technology to deliver services to patients requires many techniques in order to secure patient data. This paper is going to discuss the methodology of securing patient data using Steganography techniques in mobile healthcare environment. The name Steganography is taken from a work carried by Trithemus entitled “Steganographia” which is a technique of hiding information. Steganography comes from the Greek word means “covered writing" that in the other words, it is hiding information behind other information. with steganography techniques proposed in this paper, we provide the security of patient data so that information data confidentiality can be maintained. For the future work and development of this research study, further implementations of the Steganography technology can be applied by using the cloud computing environment.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 306-309