A Prototype Model of Induction Based and Solar Powered Hybrid Electric Vehicle to Achieve Zero Charging

Ravi kumar jalli, Rajesh Babu damala, N S S Rama Krishna

Energy crisis has been one of the major problems that the world is facing today. With the increasing demand, not only power but also diesel and petrol have been affected. In this technique, the car runs based on solar power and wireless power transfer during day time and night time respectively. As solar panel installed on car, Solar panel tracks radiant energy from the sun and solar charge controller produces a constant output voltage of 6v. This 6v helps to charge the rechargeable battery and helps to run the car. Wireless power transfer technique consists of transmitter and receiver coils. The D.C supply of 6V is fed to the transmitter circuit. The transmitter circuit consists of a microcontroller which will produce high frequency alternating current which is fed to the transmitter coil. The power is transmitted and received by the receiver and produces an output voltage of 5v to charge the super capacitor which will be fed to the motor by inductive coupling. The receiver coil is placed underneath the car and the transmitter coils are buried under the ground according to adjustable distances for mutual coupling. A real diesel or petrol free electric car can easily be made by using the induction and solar power.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 299-305