Hanan Muneer Al-Sheikh

A photograph can be described as an imitation of reality, but this description is so primitive. A photograph is not just a copy of reality, nor is it just a re-production of things that actually exist. It could be argued that a photograph is the imitation of the subject that exits in reality so as to become a symbol that hides behind it various meanings. In other words, a photograph is an existence that includes another existence and this dual existence makes the photograph be framed by the limits of truth, knowledge, time and place.Therefore, the photograph becomes a way of truth happening and revealing, but at the same time it has interrelations with the visual, the tangible and the meaning represented in the thing itself. The truth is revealed only by the intentional vision which opens up the phenomenological position in all its dimensions. The establishment of this position is based on photograph that becomes the first drive and motive for the act of imagination.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 231-242