Increase of efficiency quality of drying process during the crops' harvesting

Igor Y. Tyurin, Vasiliy E. Yuldashev, Alexey D. Sharashov, Vitaly A. Rustamov, Yuri A. Dugin

The researches of technological process of drying carried out by authors allow to draw a conclusion that regularities of the moisture impact cut plants and quality changes of the dried mass at separate stages of drying depend on properties of plants themselves and ways of their drying. Knowledge of these regularities allows us to choose the best mode of drying, as well as technological tools in relation to different climatic conditions, different kinds of crops.Criterion of process is receiving at the exit of standard grain on humidity with maintaining sowing qualities of seeds and baking qualities of food grain at the maximum productivity of the equipment without excess of admissible temperature of heating of grain and at optimum fuel consumption. And it is connected with transfer of heat to the dried product due to energy of the heated drying agent – air or steam-gas mixture.Therefore, taking into account the influence of all regularities special attention in researches should be paid to improvement technology of the necessary equipment for crops’ harvesting using cheap sources. In this regard, the authors analyzed the temperature effect of the drying agent, the temperature of the dried grain, the use of a heap, IR radiation on the duration of drying and installation parameters

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 158-163