The Dependence Of The Performance Of Machine-Tractor Units From The Effective Power Of Engines

Aleksey Kislov, Aleksandr Kislov, Evgeniy Kuznetsov, Ketevan Babukhadiya

The proposed article analyzes the methods used in the agrarian sector of the Amur Region to increase the productivity of machine and tractor aggregates, and highlights the main advantages and disadvantages of the methods in question. The chronometric materials obtained during the study of the operation of machines in the field conditions of the farms of the region are presented. The results and the analysis of the conducted complex monitoring are presented, and also comparative quantitative estimations based on the ratio of the increase of the productivity of the machine and tractor unit to the increase of the effective power of the mobile power engine are made. A mathematical dependence was developed to determine the values of the minimum radiuses of rotations of a machine-tractor aggregate with various kinematic parameters. The ways and problems of implementing of the increase of power of power plants of tractors are considered. It is proposed to determine the efficiency of the machine-tractor units not in terms of area, but in terms of the amount of waste material. Alternative, less energy-intensive ways of increasing the productivity of machine and tractor units by using rotary and active working bodies are also proposed.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 150-157