A Fuzzy Approach to DetermineCritical Information Infrastructures of EUSustainable Development as a Leader of Modern World

Drobot GalinaAnatolievna

It is noted that the phenomenon of leadership in foreign affairs is rather flexible in its structure and quality as illustrated in the second half of the XXth – the beginning of the XXIst century with the emergence of collective leaders such as the European Union. In the world scientific literature one can observe great accumulatedexperience in evaluation of the leadership in world politics. This allowed to sort out those perspectives that better suits the main topic of this research. This article aims to solve the problem ofensuring the sustainable development of EU countries in terms of identifying critical informationinfrastructures. Integrated multi-criteria decision-making techniques based on fuzzyandAHP approaches are used to identify essential information infrastructures, which are related to a newtype of potential threat to national security. However, it does not minimize anything that was achieved by the EU over 60 years. The author reviews five problems of this organization taking the systemic crisis as a central consideration, sometimes relying on the controversial experts' assessment. Further the author’s individual analysis of these problems with possible course of actions is provided. The results are summarized and predictions are made concerning the crisis of the EU. It is stated that in times of systemic crisis Europe lacks a strong leader.

Volume 11 | 05-Special Issue

Pages: 145-149