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Volume 11, Issue 7

Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm for Document Clustering on Cyber Crime Judgement Database

Radha Mothukuri, Dr B Basaveswara Rao

Pages: 271-285

A Qualitative Comparison of Various Routing Protocols in WSN

Dr.S. Thiru Nirai Senthil and S. Kannan

Pages: 286-293

Analysis of Workflow Execution in Cloud

S. Gomathi Shakthi

Pages: 294-297

Implementation of Empowerment Program for Person With Disability in Indonesia


Pages: 298-303

Integrated Density based clustering algorithm (IDBSCAN) for High Dimensional Datasets

Syed Shareefunnisa, Maridu Bhargavi, Pavan Kumar Kolluru, Y Padma

Pages: 304-312

Increasing Students' Critical Thinking Skills In Physics Using A Guided Inquiry Model Combined With An Advanced Organizer

G Gunawan,Ahmad Harjono,Mahesti Kusdiastuti,Mir’atun Nisyah,Lovy Herayanti,

Pages: 313-320

The Influence of Props-Assisted Inquiry Learning to Improve Generic Science Skills of SMA N 11 Semarang Students

N. Khoiri, A. Rusilowati, Wiyanto, Sulhadi

Pages: 321-324

A Framework for Secure Cloud Data Provenance in Healthcare Applications

D Radha Rani, N Uttej Kumar, Anusha Viswanadapalli, Maridu Bhargavi

Pages: 325-329

A Hybrid Secure Mechanism for Effective Storage Confidentiality to Ensure Data Integrity and Privacy in Public Cloud

D YAKOBU,M Shanmugam

Pages: 330-339

A Novel Method for CBIR Using SVM Classifier with Multi Features

J. Binisha Rose and N. Santhi

Pages: 340-348

Video Pedestrian Detection based on Hog and Firefly based Support Vector Machine

M. Angel Shalini and Dr.S. Vijaya Lakshmi

Pages: 349-354

How foreign speakers implement their strategies to listen Indonesian language?

Memet Sudaryanto,DjemariMardapi,SamsulHadi

Pages: 355-361

Prototype Mobile Based Android Application for TISOL Learning

Robbi Rahim,Kundharu Saddhono,Sri Hastuti

Pages: 362-365

A Practicallity Analysis Of Collaborative Assessment Model Based On Ethnomathematics

Ratri Rahayu, Himmatul Ulya, Kartono, Isnarto

Pages: 366-373

Assessing Marine Captured Fishery Performances of Various Fishing Gears

Muhamad Mustopa Romdhon, Ketut Sukiyono, Musriyadi Nabiu, Nyayu Neti Arianti, Eko Sumartono, Melli Suryanty

Pages: 374-386

Possible Method For Monthly Natural Rubber Price Forecasting

Ketut Sukiyono, M. Zulkarnain Yuliarso, Satria Puta Utama, Ellys Yuliarti, Ridha Rizki Novanda, Basuki Sigit Priyono

Pages: 387-395

The Use Of Ict In Islamic Education (Pai) Learning At School: A Case Study On Integrated Islamic High School (Sma-It) Ummul Quro Bogor

Farida Hanun

Pages: 396-402

Generative Learning Models Assisted by Virtual Laboratories to Improve Students’ Creativity in Physics

Gunawan,Ahmad Harjono,Susilawati,ShintaMutiara Dewi

Pages: 403-411

Animation Media Development To Improve College Students’ Higher Order Thinking Skill (Hots)

ArieWahyuni, PrihadiKurniawan, S. B. Waluya, Adi Nur Cahyono

Pages: 412-418