Volume 14, Issue 1




Liquidity and Profitability of Hotel Businesses in the North Central Region of Vietnam

Le Van Vien, Tran Van Hai and Hoang Dinh Huong

Pages: 01-06

A Method for the Administration of the Work Performed by Employees

R. Steffi, G. Jerusha Angelene Christabel, T. Shynu, S. Suman Rajest, R. Regin

Pages: 7-23

Internet of Things (IoT) System Using Interrelated Computing Devices in Billing System

R. Regin, Steffi. R, Jerusha Angelene Christabel G, Shynu T, S. Suman Rajest

Pages: 24-40

MED Support for the Implementation of Java and the SQL Database

C.R.Rathish, Sivaramakrishnan S, R. Regin, S. Suman Rajest, Shynu T

Pages: 41-55