Volume 11, 08-Special Issue

Y Smart Cap For Blind People

MilindNarlawar,AnuradhaLondhe,Bhakti Deotale,DhanshreeNaik,Shreya Bhole,AbhishekJoshi

Pages: 3102-3106

Development Of Training & Placement Module For College Management Portal (Tpcmp)

Surbhi K. Hedau,Roshni Khedgaonkar,Sarang Jain,Abhishek Joshi

Pages: 3107-3111

EEG Signal Classification for Alcoholic Person using Neural Network

Praful V. Barekar,Rajeshree V. Ambulkar,Kavita R. Singh,Lalit B. Damahe,Shailesh D. Kamble,Shashank Gotarkar

Pages: 3112-3124

Comparison of Energy Aware Load Balancing Algorithms in Cloud Computing

AmolD Gaikwad,ShashankGotarkar

Pages: 3125-3133

Information retrieval through Learning to Rank a machine learning framework: A Review

Sushilkumar Chavhan, Shashank Gotarkar

Pages: 3134-3142

Hamstring Muscle Strengthening using a unique method

Rahul Prajapati,ShubhamChaudhari,IrshadQurashi,S.S.Khedkar,PunitFulzele,SonaliChoudhary,

Pages: 3143-3147

A Step towards pH Detection by Two-probe Electrochemical Method

Hara Prasada Tripathy, Priyabrata Pattanaik, Dilip Kumar Mishra, Sushanta K Kamilla

Pages: 3143-3149

Smart IoT based Portable Vaccine Cold box for Healthcare use

Punit Fulzele, Amit Kumbhare,Abhiram Mangde,Abhay Gaidhane ,Prachi Palsodkar,Alok Narkhede,Sonali Choudhary

Pages: 3148-3154

Methods for Early Detection of Post- Operative InfectionA Review

Punit Fulzele,Zahir Quazi,Anjali sirsam,Smruti khobargade,Yogita Chitriv,Kavita Singh,Sonali Choudhary

Pages: 3155-3167

Thoughts to Movements - Motor Imagery Based Brain Computer Interface

A R Bhagat Patil,Saurabh Charde,Rutuj Waghare,Sachin Warbhe,Apurva Sarve,Punit Fulzele,Sonali Choudhary

Pages: 3168-3177

Enhancing Magnification To Recognize Cell Structure In Foldscope.

PunitFulzele,HrishikeshBodkhe,RushikeshPatil,AlokNarkhede,AbhayGaidhane ,ZahirQuazi

Pages: 3178-3183

Highlights Of Literature On Pressure Ulcer Preventive Mattresses, Support Surfaces And Overlays

Suraj Katakwar ,Saurabh Chirde,Irshad Qurashi,Sharad Chaudhary,Punit Fulzele,Sonali Choudhary

Pages: 3184-3190

A Device for Effective Dilation of Cervix Useful in Low Resource Settings.

Arpita Jaiswal,Kushagrakumar Wanjari,Kajal Roy,A.V.Bapat,Sandip Khedkar,Punit Fulzele,Sonali Choudhary

Pages: 3191-3198

Implementation of Binary Floating Point Multiplier Using Modified Dadda Algorithm

Prasanna Palsodkar,Prachi Palsodkar,Pravin Dakhole,Roshan Umate

Pages: 3199-3207

IOT Based Healthcare monitoring Systems: A Review

Shilpa Katre, Pravin Dakhole, Manoj Patil

Pages: 3208-3214

Smart Waste Management(SWM) systems for Offices and Educational Institutes

Prachi Palsodkar,Prasanna Palsodkar,Pravin Dakhole,Manoj Patil

Pages: 3215-3220

Detailed Electrical Energy Audit Of Process Industry

Shital Telrandhe,Pranjali S. Kawale,P.B. Joshi,Pranali R. Selurkar,Shital Telrandhe

Pages: 3221-3226

A Novel method of Reward enhancement from agricultural products to farmers using CNN

K.Baskar, S.Arivalagan, P.Sudhakar

Pages: 3226-3235

PLC Based Energy Monitoring System For Photovoltaic Panel

Vipul R. Lanjewar,Sagar R. Kale,Rupam D. Wasekar,P.B.Joshi,Shital Telrandhe,P.S.Shete

Pages: 3227-3234

Energy Cost Saving Solutions For A Software Company - A Case Study

Pranali R. Selurkar,V. R. Doifode, RoshanUmate

Pages: 3235-3241

Efficacy of Sequential Batch Reactor over Conventional Activated Sludge Process for Treatment and Reuse of Sewage.

Pranjali M Bawankar,Charuta S. Waghmare,Khalid S Ansari,Kishore Malviya,Lovely Kumari

Pages: 3242-3258

Real-Time Disaster Management-Based Opportunistic Routing For QoS For Predicting The Quality Of Information Traffic Between Mobile Nodes

T. Sathish Kumar, N.P. Gopalan

Pages: 3251-3258

Performance Evaluation Of Automobile Effluent Treatment Plant- A Case Study

Smita Singh,Sonali Choudhary,S.V Ambekar

Pages: 3259-3269

Augmentation of Water Distribution System of Hingna by Using Water GEMS Software for Zone-3

Rhunal P. Khobaragade,S.R.Khandeshwar,Abhishek Joshi

Pages: 3270-3278

Design Approach of Sewerage System for Bhandara Town: An Engineering Solution for Public Health Development.

Rutusha G.Choudhary,Khalid S Ansari,Charuta Waghmare,Umaesh Modi,Abhishek Joshi

Pages: 3279-3288