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Accepted Articles

Modularity Evaluation for RMT Configuration Selection

Kamal Khanna and Rakesh Kumar

An Energy Efficient Event Coverage in Wireless Sensor Network

Mohammad Ibrahim Adawy, Shahrudin Awang Nor and Massudi Mahmuddin

Cyber Attacks Analysis and Mitigation with Machine Learning Techniques in ICS SCADA Systems

Sinil Mubarak, Mohamed Hadi Habaebi, Farah Abdul Rahman, Sheroz Khan and Md. Rafiqul Islam

Throughput Analysis for the Mobility of a Consumer and an Anchorless Producer in NDN

Muhammed Zaharadeen Ahmed, Aisha Hassan Abdalla Hashim, Othman O. Khalifa,Abdulkadir H. Alkali,Sarah Yasmin BtMohd and Malik Arman Morshidi

A 28 GHz MIMO Antenna Array Design for 5G Applications

Mohamed Hadi Habaebi, Nurul Arfah Che Mustaphaa, Mohanned Janat and Md Rafiul Islam

An Analysis of Trust and User Privacy by Using Password-based Authentication Scheme

Mohd Izuan Mohd Saad, Kamarularifin Abd Jali and Mazani Manaf

A Review on Content Distribution through Caching in Information Centric Networking

Muhammad Ali Naeem, Shahrudin Awang Nor and Suhaidi Hassan

Agile-based Explicit Congestion Control Mechanism for Named Data Networks

Mohammed Alsamman, Suhaidi Hassan and Suki Arif

Performance Analysis of Routing Protocols in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks

Narayana Rao and Dr.A. Rajasekharreddy

Hybrid MAC based Adaptive Preamble Technique to Improve the Lifetime in Wireless Sensor Networks

A.V. Prabu, A.V. Prabu and Dr.G. Sateesh Kumar