Application of Fuzzy AHP in Water Treatment Plant Location

K. Kaleeswari, T. Johnson and C. Vijayalakshmi


The identification of a new water treatment plant location requires complex set of factors in the decision making process. Normally these factors expressed in quantitative and qualitative ways. Some of input data are not reliable, imprecise, and incomplete. So it is necessary to standardize, interpret and fuse data in specific factors suitable for comparison. To take into account all of these aspects allow for identification of a best possible solution from the available information, this paper proposes application of a fuzzy AHP for water treatment plant location factor analysis. The fuzzy AHP provides an approach to data synthesis and analysis for uncertain data by using the human expert knowledge. The result shows that the proposed methodology obtains exact results in plant location factor analysis, similar to those resulting by experts of the field, finally gives the best alternatives.

Issue: 01-Special Issue

Year: 2018

Pages: 335-342

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